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You are a charity or community organization and you want to link up to do something together

so we can all grow. 

We're excited already!

Let's discuss how we can lock arms, where our synergies lay and how best we can work together to raise awareness, funds or otherwise engage with our shared community.

You are a serious professional and you care deeply about your work. You are not only a small business owner, but you are a parent, a student, a teacher, a church member, a citizen, an immigrant.....You're a person!

You feel deeply connected to your community and to various issues you see playing out. You want to jump in to help, but may not know how. Or you may already be helping and need a hand. Or, you're looking to network with other small businesses with owners who care as deeply as you do.

Become a member of SEED and show your patrons how much you appreciate their support of your business by investing in youth development and education in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Want to Support?


You can donate to the SEED scholarship fund or purchase any of our fundraising items in support of the fund. 


You can also support any of our specific fundraising campaignson behalf of a

regional charity.

You have a lot to offer and you're looking to give of your many talents.


Add your brilliant mind to SEED and be even more amazing than you are right now! 


Volunteer overall with SEED or jump on to a specific programme that connects with your passion.

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