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Trustees have been long time supporters of SEED and have played a crucial role in the Micro Macro Internship Programme.

Trustees are servant leaders who guide the incoming executive board and provide training and support to executive board members.

Trusteeship is appointed and trustees serve in 5 year terms.

Ms. Chamara Hollingsworth

Trustee Of Personal and Professional Development

Chamara D. Hollingsworth is a Barbadian born mother, entrepreneur, writer and speaker.
As an avid believer in the power of Self Love, Chamara found her calling to facilitate the
personal and professional alignment of women’s lives by encouraging them to empower
themselves to build a foundation based on self love.
After finding her passion for business at the Barbados Community College Chamara
Hollingsworth fuelled her rapidly expanding knowledge of the business world with a more
innate calling; her need to help people. In 2010 Chamara couple her passion for self
empowerment and entrepreneurship in Barbados and the rest of the region Chamara D.
Hollingsworth with her drive, and opened her third business, Expressions Management
Consultancy, utilizing this platform to develop workshops to bring clarity to aspiring and
existing entrepreneurs and business owners and training sessions to enhance customer
Expanding on the success of her previous years, Chamara has used 2013 to launch a new
business Vision 2 Reality International. Its events are achieving increasing popularity most
notably the Dynamic Diva Hour of Power.

Ms. Cherisse Francis

Trustee of Legal and Curriculum Development

Cherisse was the first benefactor of Small Enterprises for Education and Development (SEED). She won an essay competition in 2012 and secured a ticket to the Certified General Accountants (CGA) Sustainability Conference entitled “People, Planet, Profits”. At this conference, she was introduced to the Prime Minister of Barbados, The Right Hon. Mr. Freundel Stuart QC. While she was still in secondary school, this was the beginning of a fruitful and excited relationship with Ms. Francis.


She went on to become the President of the Barbados Youth Development Council (BYDC) for 3 years. During her tenure BYDC held various workshops on topics ranging from sexual and reproductive health; mental health and a panel discussion on marginalised youth including youth living with disabilities, migrant youths, LGBTQI youths and religious youths. With support from Corporate Barbados’ foundations, such as the Sandy Lane Trust, BYDC hosted the inaugural Barbados Youth Awards ceremony, which paid tribute to youths making a difference in Barbadian society and leaving a legacy for others to follow. Most noteworthy, Ms. Francis represented BYDC on the National Youth Policy Implementation Committee, spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth. This committee oversaw the creation of the Barbados Youth Parliament.


After completing her studies in Barbados, Cherisse went on to completing her Legal Education Certificate at the Hugh Wooding Law School of Trinidad and Tobago. There, she created a project called 21st Century Woman, which focused on female empowerment. For 6 months, her team produced weekly empowerment workshops and also created a penpal and mentorship programme for the residents of the St. Jude’s Home for Girls; a detention and rehabilitation centre in Port-of-Spain.


All the while, Cherisse continued to support SEED by facilitating training sessions for interns of the Micro Macro Internship Programme. She has gracefully accepted our invitation to serve as Trustee of Legal and Curriculum Development, while completing her Masters of Law in Human Rights and Criminal Justice at the University of Aberdeen, after receiving the Commonwealth to UK Masters Scholarship.

Mr. Derek Headley

Trustee of Youth Mentorship and Coaching

Mr. Jason Francis

Trustee of Partnerships and Sustainability

Ms. Jenai Mapp-Watson

Trustee of Vision, Structure and Entrepreneurship

Jenai founded SEED in 2011 and launched Micro Macro in 2012 as the practical component of her research project in the Global Development and Social Justice masters programme at St. John's University in Rome Italy. What was intended to be a one year project had grown so quickly, demonstrated such potential to meet real needs and had to be continued.

Since then, Jenai had served as United Nation Coordination Analyst for Barbados and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) from 2012-2015. In the 10 island sub-regional cluster, she assisted the Office of the Resident Coordinator with the implementation of UN Reform by promoting One UN through initiatives such as the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and Eastern Caribbean Donor Partners Group (ECDPG). From 2013-2015 she led the UN Communications Group in the commemoration of UN Day, inviting secondary students to UN House to learn more about the work of the System in the region, and how they could aspire to be a part of that great work. Finally, she worked alongside the National Human Rights Officer to commemorate Human Rights Days in December.

Now as Active Investor in Class Act Conferences, with operations in Barbados, The United States of America and Canada, she continues her work with SEED. With high energy and fervour, she hopes to inspire the youth to find and implement home grown solutions to problems facing them. She hopes that SEED would become an incubation for forward thinkers across the Caribbean Region and throughout the Caribbean Diaspora to #DigDeepAndSowSEED.

Mr. Mervin Watson

Trustee of Economic Guidance

Ms. Takara Browne

Trustee of Public Engagements

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SEED Ambassadors are graduates of the Micro Macro Internship Programme. They have a deeper knowledge of SEED as an organization and have showed above and beyond interest in the advancement of the organization.

Our Ambassadors represent SEED at various events. Many of them have returned to lead subsequent Micro Macro Internship Programmes.

Ms. Asantie Murrell

At 20 years old, Ms. Asantie Murrell is no stranger to leadership and responsibility. Throughout her seven years at Harrison College she had the honour of filling several roles in various activities. These activities were broad in focus, from community service as Year Director and Distinguished Secretary of the Harrison College Key Club, to athletics as a member of the cheerleading squad. She was also awarded the posts of Prefect and House Captain in her final year.


Now, Asantie is entering her final year at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus. She is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Management with concentration in International Business. Asantie hopes to one day contribute to the development and growth of Barbados as a representative on the international platform.


Diplomacy became her desired career after attending the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. and New York City, during the summer  of 2013. “Since 1985, the Global Young Leaders Conference has helped motivated students to fully explore cultural differences, gain firsthand exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, build confidence, and enhance decision-making skills in an atmosphere of mutual respect.”


Micro Macro Graduate 2017

Mr. Daquane Nedd

Micro Macro Graduate 2016

Ms. Dina Wilkinson

Dina graduated from the Summer 2012 Micro Macro Internship Programme. She impressed us greatly at that time as a young and energetic individual, willing to go above and beyond consistently. She was a great encouragement to her team and demonstrated a notable level of excellence at a very young age.


Beyond that first impression, Ms. Wilkinson has shown an unparalleled commitment to SEED and the Micro Macro Internship Programme. She has returned as a volunteer in 2013, assisting the organization with its appeal for donations to support families of victims after the Christmas Floods in St. Vincent and neighbouring islands. She supported Micro Macro as both a Team Leader and Training Facilitator in 2016 and 2017. Currently, Dina is one of five (5) SEED Ambassadors, who were hand selected and appointed to represent the organization at social gatherings.


We have had a long and fruitful working relationship with Ms. Wilkinson. The 2017 interns who worked under her to produce the FUNtastic FUNmania 2016 Summer Edition event, remarked that she was very personable and easy to work with, even under pressure. The Fundraising Chairperson was very impressed at how well Dina identified and adapted to challenges by taking initiative to implement solutions.

Micro Macro Graduate 2012

Mr. Samuel Boston

Mr. Samuel Boston is originally from Linden Town, Guyana. He immigrated to Barbados with his parents in May 2004.


Young Samuel who recently graduated from Sixth Form, served other students and his school as Head Boy of The Lodge School in 2017. He has been awarded a certificate by the Ombudsman of Barbados as youth Ambassador for Children’s Rights.


In February 2016, he participated in the Rotary Club’s Model United Nations Assembly. In July 2017, he represented The Lodge School and Barbados at Envision’s Global Young Leaders Conference in Europe. The conference traveled from Austria to the Czech Republic and then to Germany. GYLC shares that the “10-day leadership journey provides an out-of-classroom learning experience and rigorous curriculum that equips students from across the United States and more than 145 countries with the confidence, independence, skills, and global competitiveness required of the next generation of future leaders.”


Samuel has a keen interest in international affairs and the development of the Barbadian Society, and the Caribbean Region. He hopes to one day become a diplomat. He tries daily to live by the words “carpe diem carpe futura omnia enim possibilia sunt apud Deum”  meaning, “seize the day, seize the future for with God all things are possible.”

Micro Macro Graduate 2017

Mr. Tremayne Arthur

Micro Macro Graduate 2016

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For the first time, SEED will be accepting applications for membership and holding votes for the positions listed below. 

If your business would like to be listed as a SEED member and a representative of your business would like to serve in a leadership position, be sure to apply now.


Representing (Name of Business Member)

The President of SEED serves, guides and mentors external relations personnel such as the Partnerships Director, Donor Relations Officer and Public Relations Officer. S/he also assists the internal administrative arm of the executive, lending expertise to the Secretary, Under Secretary and Co-Treasurers.

Vice President

Representing (Name of Business Member)

The Vice President of SEED leads all programming, internal and external s/he serves, guides and mentors Directors of outreach programes such as the Micro Macro Internship Programme. The VP also assists Committee Chairs for internal member committees so we can best meet the needs of our members.


Representing (Name of Business Member)

The Secretary takes charge of the bulk of the administrative duties. In tandem with the Treasurers, the Secretary would ensure dues are collected, maintain the directory of business members, take minutes for meetings and communicate with the members as necessary.


Representing (Name of Business Member)

The Treasurer allows SEED to be transparent, by keeping the books which are used for annual financial reporting to the public. The Treasurer ensures that funds are disbursed in a timely manner and that reports on expenditure have been filed with the Secretary.

Donor Relations Officer

Representing (Name of Business Member)

The DRO works with Major Gifts Donors and finds out why they invest in the social bottom line. The DRO then creates opportunities for others to sow seed with us, and stays in contact to ensure that donors are connected to the results of the impact their funds allow us to produce.

Micro Macro Director

Representing (Name of Business Member)

This position carries a stipend. The mM Director is hired by the Vice President in term. S/he takes charge of the Micro Macro Internship Programme, working to increase placement opportunities for interns, managing the rolling admission of the Cohort Programmes, and creates programming to raise awareness on the need for and purpose of internships. With the VP, the mM Director hires other related personnel such as the Programme Manager(s) for the summer and any other positions deemed necessary.

Committee Chairs

Representing (Name of Business Member)

Each term, voting members will decide on the committees they wish to form internally to meet members' needs. Some committees may stay on over executive terms, some may be disbanded and others may be added.

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