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About Us

To serve Small and Medium Enterprises, providing tools for growth and collaborating with all sectors to fortify life-long learning and promote personal and professional development throughout the Caribbean Region and Diaspora.



To Contribute significantly to a healthy, secure, vibrant Caribbean consciousness, people, environment, economy, region and diaspora.






Forward Thinking



Our Structure

We are deeply committed to our core values. Based on the five roots of  Excellence, Service, Drive, Forward Thinking and Partnership, we determine all of our activities, align with other organizations and take charge of our futures.



Our Trustees  are appointed based on their personal alignment with our values and their commitment to guide the organization towards its Vision. 

Our Trustees constantly connect our activities with the values that give us life.



The Executive Board of voted members along with a cadre of hired directors implement initiatives and programmes that create lasting impact in our communities.

These members have fully taken on the heart of SEED to bring home grown solutions to home based problems.



Our partners, clients, beneficiaries, donors, supporters of all kind are vital to our work. 

By demonstrating the lives that have been changed and the conditions improved, we are reinvigorated to continue and others are able to see the effects of that work.




While difficult to measure, over the long run, we hope to produce stronger SMEs, fortify Regional Education and promote Sustainable Development.

We believe that we hold the talent and resources necessary and by driving social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility forward, we can redirect our youth and our lives to become formidable players on the world stage. 



Our Story

SEED began in 2011. We didn't set out to create SEED, however. We just wanted to raise funds for a few youth focused NGOs in Barbados. We found out that it would be better to raise funds as a charity, since we were going to give all of the money away anyhow. That explains why we started a charity, but why SEED in particular?

As a part of the Global Development and Social Justice MA programme, our Founder was examining how businesses could help young people and improve education. It had to be more than the idea that businesses have money to give. There needed to be a way that business owners and decision makers could be involved, help out and add to efforts made by government and NGOs. However these businesses got involved, it needed to be respectful of their bottom line, and the fact they their purpose is to make money, not just give it away. And so, the initiative had to come from the businesses. It had to be private sector led. Great, so businesses will come together to help young people!....but how?...and doing what?...and which businesses specifically?

The more research was conducted, the more we realised that there would be two groups needing help: Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) on one side and individuals seeking to learn and grow on the other side. MSMEs on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), are owned by individuals who are very much a part of their communities. Buying from their local hardware store, or snack shop means helping to send their child to school with books and uniforms and lunch money. They are very much aware of the needs of young people. In fact, many of them would help the schools their children attend. Sometimes, it would be overwhelming. They need a better way.  On the other hand, the gaps we identified in the provision of education on the island centred on lack of hands-on learning and the need to apply what has been taught in the schools. Not only would school leavers need basic experience, but they also needed social skills development and core competency development.

Here, we have two hands and two groups, and so, Small Enterprises for Education and Development was born. We decided to create ways for small businesses (MSMEs) to be involved with their communities. It would not be about grabbing cash, but about engaging their own hearts and passions for the families who patronise their businesses.

Our first and flagship programme is the Micro Macro Internship Programme. Organizations, including businesses and charities, welcome interns, host them and train them. Programme Managers work with a liaison from the Hosting Organization to set out project schedules to be sure that interns will have an education packed experience. These hosts make a minimal financial contribution to the programme to offset the costs of uniformed t-shirts and polos as well as costs associated with graduation for the interns.


The other way we engage is by inviting professionals, organization leaders, business owners and former interns to lead training sessions that focus on building soft skills. These intensive training sessions include personal and professional development with topics like "Goal Setting", "Networking", "Resume Writing" and "Social Responsibility"

Finally, organizations can also give donations in kind by providing gifts and prizes for the graduation ceremony. This is an excellent branding opportunity for the organization as well as a great finish to an intensive summer for our interns.

As we continue to conduct research and to learn from our engagement, we are learning of more ways we can support both small enterprises and youth. SEED is seeking to expand programming to do so. We started with research and we believe it is an important component of who we are and what we do. That way, we can be sure to find home grown solutions for at-home problems.

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